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Available April 30, 2018

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Wilder in the
Land of Lint

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Wilder in the Land of Lint is a children's book about the importance of being imaginative, creative, and true to yourself. Wilder is a young boy who likes to dream and imagine, but he's often misunderstood and he doesn't feel like those things are really appreciated by any of the important people in his life. One night something incredible happens and Wilder's life is changed forever.


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"Playful and
fun creations"

— Fubiz


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In addition to being an artist and author, Salem Roberts serves as the Executive Editor for Literal Label and is also a cohort of Art21 Educators. He has three kids and currently lives in Nashville.

Past projects have been featured in Vice, Tenmag, Fubiz and endorsed by constituents at InStyle, Disney, MTV and more.

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